I asked her if she had any thigh high stockings and if she would wear them.
She did not but told me she would.
I said it was fine.
I took off my mask and put on a blindfold.
I always cover up my mangled face.
She sat down on my lap and placed her hands around my throat.
They were cold hands but I did not mind.
Even though it did not make a difference, I closed my sad eyes.
I was tired, you know.
But I guess she was too, and so are you.
My love.
I heard the world give a sigh of relief.
And I was the only one. The one who cares.
Who cares.
For it is too dark out there. So very dark.

I came, she saw, we conquered.
Maybe it will actually mean something.
In the very end.
The end.

Life a computer made of chocolate
Get Fucked!

A Million more characters that are obsolete
Sack of meat

Time our only measurement of worth
Not size but girth

The mind empty from going hollow
Just spit don’t swallow

Having some trouble to reach the door
Rotten to my very core

Now, let’s explore!
You dumb whore!