Cas Banierink is an artistic genius in every sense of the word(s).
With an IQ of over 9000 and an artistic sensibility rivaling and even surpassing that of a Duchamp or Bas Jan Ader, there are literally no limits within the known universe that he has not easily conquered, no boundaries unbroken and most of all, no rhyme or reason to his motivations.

His art is a mix of wacky humorous and deeply personal emotionality.
With no clear direction, he uses any tool available to him. From video to painting, performance to installation. His topics, often controversial, entail a wide range of carefully curated and always immaculately executed social commentary.
A brick through the window of society. No glass is spared when Cas is working his magic. With an almost otherworldly drive and ambition, he gets shit done!

In the words of will-be famous poet, Cas Banierink, himself:

‘I am the unstoppable force of nature they wrote about in Bible-times. God would woo the day I was placed on this strange ball of dirt because he knew it would not take long for me to surpass him. For when the sheep will cower in fear of the artistic monsoon, his time will have come to retreat, admit defeat and leave this world in more capable hands. Mine!’

So if you are interested in art so conceptual, heads have exploded at the mere sight of it’s brilliance, maybe reach out and find out if the shepard deems you worthy of joining his flock.